Who is Nigel Farage and what he defends?

In the last weeks has resurfaced again  a famous video of a British MEP, Nigel Farage, who appears in the European Parliament doing a critical speech of the European democracy, the EU, Van Rompuy and other MEPs. Although the video is old, the fact is that the speech it is not. For this same reason, many people and social movements have taken his words and have agreed with him  just because he says ‘the truth’. The interesting thing about this is that the movements and surfers who have taken his words are considered social rights defenders, obviating that  the british MEP defends the opposite thing.

Nigel Farage, born in London in 1964, is the current leader of UKIP (British Independence Party) and MEP since 1999, joining his party in the European parliamentary group ‘Europe of Freedom and Democracy’. Nigel has always been considered a faithful follower of Margaret Thatcher. However, we will focus on what his party supports, trying to avoid attacking him (although he uses the insult to attract attention in most of his speechs).

The Parliamentary Group ‘Europe of Freedom and Democracy’, despite it sounds great, the reality is that also includes the Italian Northern League, the Danish People’s Party, the True Finns, the Movement for France, the Popular Orthodox Concentration of Greece, Order and Justice of Lithuania, the Party Politic refounded Dutch and Slovak National Party. In a quick tour of their ideologies, one can conclude that all these parties   share a number of premises: exclusionary nationalism, social conservatism, anti-communism, social-patriotism, populism, protectionism and Euroscepticism. In general, all of them show a strong rejection of immigration, especially towards Muslim communities.

Focusing on the Nigel Farage Party, Party represented at  the European Parliament, we can obtain interesting conclusions by examining their ideological agenda. After the following points, nobody will be able to doubt that Nigel is something similar to what LePen in France or the Golden Dawn in Greece are. In fact, I would say that many people might even regret of supporting his popular, but empty,  speechs. Judge for yourself:

UKIP , Nigel Party, defends the following assumptions :

– Eliminate immigration.

– Leaving the EU to stop implementing Schengen. In particular,  they want to  limite the freedom of movement of persons and workers.

– Obtain all borders controls and introduce again entries with visa (even for Europeans).

– Increase in  30,000 border patrol agents.

– Deport all illegal immigrants.

– Require all non-British to sign a ‘respect for British culture and law. “

– Abolish the Human Rights Act 1998 and leave the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

– Avoid British citizens to appeal in the European or International Tribunal to defend their rights.

– Remove any subsidy to the ‘promotion and respect of multiculturalism’

– Ensure that the British welfare state is accessible only to British citizens.
– Avoid the Tobin Tax, European tax on international financial transactions (banks).
– Remove any fee or tax that targets the market or financial institutions (banks)
– Remove any international humanitarian help or cooperation.
– Remove all green taxes because global warming is not proven.
– Support and increase nuclear power.
– Increase a 40% the British military budget.
– Increase in a 50% the prison places.
– Remove the ‘European arrest warrant” to avoid ‘innocent British citizens’ to be judged in other States.
– First, the British People.
– Recognize the british law as the only valid.  
– Remove any limits to fishing (European standards). Even those limits that prevent the extinction of species.
– Freeze salaries and pensions of all public sector workers.
– Increase military cooperation with NATO, eliminating any police cooperation with the EU.
– Do not get involved militarily with the ‘situation in Libya’ (Arab Spring; but NATO has done to help the revolutionaries not the dictatorship)
– Do not support gay marriage.

In the manifesto that his party  published in local elections in London, they defended:

– Protect the financial district of London (the City) avoiding any tax (the Financial District of London is considered the second in the world with more speculators, where they attack the Euro).

– Create jobs for Londoners, saying no to immigrants.

– Priority for Londoners to access jobs and housing.

– Set a limit (quota) to the influx of immigrants in London until UK acquire the power over the borders.

In conclusion, we can not fall again in the cheap populism. Populism convince from ignorance and thoughtlessness. Nigel Farage is a right-wing populist whose aims are none other than those listed above. Using democracy and tools provided by the European Union, he does speechs easily acceptable by most people but, as has been demonstrated, hides a very dark background as well as easily removable.

We can not allow ourselves to be dominated and convinced by these politicians, whose political speeches are based on the destruction of achievements through populism and hate.

Although his words may sound good, we can not be fooled and say simply that ‘even if he supports the right side, he says truths’. Nobody, or almost no one today would say (not even his voters) that Hitler was right when presenting his populist speeches defending the Aryan race, blaming the immigrants and defending Germany as the only nation possible.

We can not fall back into the same mistakes of the past. One of the most talked sentences in  the post-Nazism is ‘did Germans know what nazists were doing? Imagine that in 60 years some European wonder … ‘Did europeans know what in 2012 what happening in Europe? What they were defending? What they  were voting? Who they defended? 

So, do we know now who is Nigel Farage?

4 thoughts on “Who is Nigel Farage and what he defends?

  1. Es fácil caer en trampas dialécticas. Yo mismo quedé deslumbrado por su verborrea. Está bien saber a quien representa.

  2. Sounds like he is defending the rights of the citizens he wishes to represent. Tax dollars only being used for citizens sounds absolutely great. Its what taxpayers really want anyway for their money to go to the betterment of their country. Coming from a country where predominately Muslims have told me personally they come for the free housing and infinite welfare where they never have to work if they don’t want to I can understand his arguments. I don’t blame those people taking advantage of the welfare system I blame the government for letting them have a better quality of life than its own citizens who have to work and pay taxes

  3. Why would we want to remain a member state of an organisation which subjugates it’s own struggling member state with such draconian measures of stealing money from it’s citizens private bank accounts, who is the fascist? Your blog is nothing but pro EU bluster, stick your EU up your pompous arsehole and let the British decide what is good for the British people.

  4. And comparing Farage to Hitler is just taking the piss, Farage wants controlled immigration for a country which is not able to sustain its existing population let alone a mass influx of unskilled people from ex eastern bloc states.


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